The History of Finland -- Suomen Historia
New Book by Historian Jason Lavery, Ph.D.

About the Author

Jason Lavery's interest in Finnish history goes back to his experience as a high school exchange student. He visited three Rotary families and made many life-long friends. He also spent a year as a student at the Helsinki University. From then on, he has traveled to Finland at least once a year to do research, network, and visit with friends.
Recent Media Appearances and Interviews
Interview for article, "Finlandization Is Not a Solution for Ukraine," The American Interest, 27 July 2014
Interview for article, "Finland and Nokia Evolve Together," This is Finland, September 2013.
Interview for program Rear View, “The True Finns: Populist Politics and Eurocepticism in Finland,” Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 6 July 2011.
Interview for Newspaper “To Vima,” Athens, Greece, 23 April 2011.
Lecture Series at the Helsinki Summer University

Jason has taught at the Helsinki Summer University every year since 1994 except 1995, 1998, and 1999. He covers the history of Finland from its first settlement after the Ice Age to the present.

This lecture series, open to the public with the opportunity to earn academic credit, consists of eight three-hour PowerPoint-supported lectures. The series draws regularly more than sixty participants of a variety of national and educational backgrounds.

Jason lectures in the evening hours from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, usually in June or August, in the facilities of the Helsinki Summer University. Each lecture is enhanced through PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and discussions. Attendants can choose which lectures to attend because each lecture stands alone.

Monday: Finland’s Origins: Prehistoric and Historic

Tuesday: Finland as Part of the Swedish Realm (circa 1157-1809)

Wednesday: The Creation of Autonomous Finland (1809-1890)

Thursday: Oppression, Independence and Civil War (1890-1918)

Monday: Finland between the World Wars (1918-1939)

Tuesday: Finland at War (1939-1945)

Wednesday: Finland during the Cold War (1944-1991)

Thursday: European Finland in a Globalizing World


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