Hello! Welcome to my website. This website focuses primarily on my research and teaching of Finland’s history. It also hosts a blog My Finnish History which consists of accounts of my own experiences with Finland over the last forty years or so as well as the historical background to current events.

I am the author of several books and articles on Finland, the Nordic region, Germany, and the Baltic Sea area. The publications are listed in my Summary CV. The books are described in greater detail in separate links, as well as my current research undertakings.

Much of the material on this page stems from my work The History of Finland which I published in 2006. There is a link concerning this work as well as an account of events since 2006 in Finland's history since 2006. This update on the book is often revised and is currently under a thorough revision. History does not repeat itself, but it always being rewritten.

I am Regents Professor in the Department of History at Oklahoma State University. I am also a permanent adjunct professor (dosentti/docent) in the Faculty of Theology at Helsinki University. With the exception of three summers in the 1990s, I have taught a course “Finland Prehistory to Present” at the Helsinki Summer University since 1992. Any statements made on this webpage are my own and are not meant to represent any of these three entities. Other other aspects of my scholarly career can be found by clicking the Summary CV.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.